Birth is not only about making babies, birth is about making mothers, strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength. --Barbara Katz Rothman

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What is a doula? Where can we find support for a natural childbirth? What is a midwife? Is it safe? Are there any upcoming events supporting natural childbirth in our area? These questions and more answered here.

The Purpose and Value of a Doula, a personal essay

I decided to share a writing I submitted as part...

Natural Nurturing of Edmond: What about a VBAC?

Brooke Smith, International Cesarean Awareness...

What Is A Doula?

What is a doula? The word doula is a Greek word...

More About Rose Rock Birth

The dusty rose rock (or barite rose)  is rare in most of the world but is found abundantly along a 70 mile strip through Oklahoma reaching from Guthrie to Noble.  A Cherokee legend claims that, at the end of their journey from Georgia to Oklahoma, the Great Spirit transformed a rock from the weary tears of His people into a rose that would never die–as a sign that He would never abandon them.

Rose Rock Birth serves the families of Greater Oklahoma City with the vision of parent empowerment through their transformational births.  To learn more about me, read more here.

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Training Update-Summer 2012

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Facebook Friends Doula Discount

Some of you know that I’m working on my second round of birth doula certification…this time with a...

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